Thursday, 12 February 2015

New webiste

After thinking about it for some time I have decided to move from blogger and try something new...

So please feel free to visit my new site and let me know your thoughts... thanks

BJJ Science - new website

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

BJJ Journal

As I have mentioned numerous times the academic world is still somewhat lagging in research on BJJ.  Thankfully there are a group of MSc, PhD students and Dr's dedicating their time to BJJ (Judo and other grappling arts also).

Funnily enough most of them are in Brazil and I imagine (this is a guess) keen spectators or even participants of this great art we call BJJ.

I said when something comes up worth reading I would share - and today a fantastic piece has been brought to my attention by Braulio Branco.  The journal has been published and credit is given to the following:

Leonardo Vidal AndreatoSolange Marta Franzói De Moraes,João VictorDel Conti EstevesMário Luiz MirandaJuliana Jacques PastórioEloá Jacques PastórioBraulio Henrique,Magnani BrancoEmerson Franchini

This may be very 'sciency' for some - but the information obtained is fantastic.... and very applicable due to it being done on Blue Belt competitors.

Permission was obtained by the authors prior to placing this journal online, and for that I am very thankful.

Anyway, enjoy


Check out the new video on YouTube page...

This was pushed out by Nic Greg yesterday and it's a great watch - Jiu Jitsu Masterclass with Tim Peterson

There is a link to Nic Gregs website on the links page here he also has a twitter handle JJBrotherhood as well as a facebook page Nicolas Gregoriades

I urge anyone with an interest in BJJ to follow Nic and make use of his clear left midfield way of thinking (which to me is what BJJ is all about).